Forex Strategy – Wisdom for Everyday Life

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Forex strategy tipsRecently we discussed 3 Forex strategy tips to help you save money. But did you know that these Forex tips are not only the building blocks for a sound Forex strategy, but also provide wisdom in your day-to-day life.

Forex Strategy: Risk Management Skills Are Essential

Successful Forex trading depends on strong money and risk management skills. Life also requires management skills in order to successfully achieve goals. For example, managing your time with a schedule or money with a budget. A good way to achieve your larger goals is to start small, setting smaller goals first and building up from there. A daily to-do list is a good example of daily goals. Feel instantaneous satisfaction as you check off your tasks and take steps toward larger objectives. The bottom line, while your trading strategy is nothing without solid money management skills and a disciplined trading attitude; likewise in life, you will not accomplish your goals without a solid plan and the discipline needed to stick with it.

Forex Strategy: Never Trade Without A Stop

When you go into a trade with a Stop Loss, you are making a decision in advance as to how much you are willing to lose on a trade. While it is no fun being stopped out of a trade, setting a stop loss is responsible trading and can save you much pain in the long run. Similarly in life, it is wise to know your personal limits. For example, if you are prone to having a bad temper, a good “stop loss” strategy is knowing when to walk away and cool down before doing or saying something you regret. This principle could be applied to just about anything. Setting a personal stop loss could apply to time spent watching TV, or putting a limit on that tempting ice-cream asking for a second bowl. It is a Forex strategy translated into everyday wisdom when you can say enough is enough to something and walk away.

Forex Strategy: Keep It Real

In Forex, there is potential to make money, but there are no guarantees. Successful Forex trading means practicing optimism, which gives you the resilience to keep taking trades, but staying realistic and knowing when to stay out of a volatile market. Likewise, in life there are no guarantees. Instead of dwelling on the setbacks and disappointments, a resilient person, like a resilient trader is not blind to the facts, but stays positive, keeps going and doesn’t give up when it gets tough.  Making money by Forex trading takes a lot of work and the elasticity to snap back and learn from your mistakes. The same in life; work hard, be aware of the facts, and don’t let the setbacks hold you back. Stay optimistic while at the same time, keep it real.


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