Do Not Give Up On Forex

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Keep going in Forex.Forex Crisis. We had the SNB bank decision crisis resulting in the CHF pairs crisis. We had the financial effects of the crisis in Ukraine. Then the crisis in Greece, causing crisis with the EUR. These were some of the major obstacles the Forex market has faced so far this year, which has made 2015 a historic year for financial markets.

Although we have felt the rippling effect of these hardships in the Forex industry, our hearts go out to those who have been directly affected by these adversities.

Our message today to Forex traders is one of encouragement  to not give up on Forex, despite the difficulties we face in today’s Forex market.

A Reason For Optimism: Forex Key Pivot Levels

At times of unrest or uncertainty, we may see the price action of currency pairs remain stagnant, range-bound or inconsistent.

And yet, overall in the long term, the overall elasticity of the Forex market means that after periods of uncertainty, the market tends to want to follow consistent patterns and create trends, which results in Key Pivot Levels.

Key Pivot Levels are where large traders usually enter the market – providing continued strong movement in the direction of the trend.

Our Trading Team focuses on the overall trend of the market and uses technical data to calculate the Key Pivot Levels. Once our criteria is met, we immediately send the Buy or Sell signal, which includes Entry Point, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, to our subscribers worldwide.

A Reason For Optimism: 24 Hour Forex Market Monitoring

Our team of traders monitor the Forex market 24 hours a day, Sunday through Friday, for Forex trading opportunities. With over 20 years of trading experience, our team has developed a very powerful trading method utilizing Key Pivot Levels as well as strong technical and fundamental analysis.

Why Does It Sometimes Seem Like We Are Missing A Good Trade?

At times it may seem like the Forex markets are taking off without us and we have missed the boat. No need to panic; alerts are only sent after a currency pair has broken out of Key Pivot Levels and momentum seems strong.

Although these trading opportunities occur often when you least expect it, there is no need for you to stay glued to your screen watching the markets. You can continue with your life knowing we are monitoring the markets and will alert you when it is time to trade.

Never Miss A Forex trade

We know you are busy and you may not always be in a position to take a Forex trade when we send you an email or SMS signal. You may be driving, in a meeting, walking the dog, out for lunch, or even sleeping.

Don’t worry, we have got your back! Our Trade Copier automates our signals directly into your MT4 trading platform so you never miss a trade.

What To Expect From Our Service

Forex is inherently risky and even successful trading involves winning and losing trades. Sometimes the best possible setups still do not succeed due to the many factors involved. For example, no one expected the SNB to suddenly remove the cap on the Swiss Franc last January. We do not see huge surprises like this one on a daily basis, but everyday Forex is hit with new economic announcements that can unexpectedly turn a strong Forex trend.

This means that unsuccessful trades is a reality of Forex trading and are to be expected.

Using our highly selective criteria, many of our Forex signals may turn out to be fantastic trades with take profit success! Unfortunately, as we show on our website trading results, some of our signals may close at break even or a loss.

And at times, it may even seem we have had a bad run of unsuccessful trades, but do not give up and do not lose heart!

Remember, we have been trading Forex since 1998. We have seen the tough times again and again, but always we stay persistent, adapt to current market conditions, and we are rewarded a successful run of trades.

Do not give up on us if we seem to be going through a run of tough trading, because the good trades will come!

On A Personal Note

I personally follow all trades taken from the system automatically in my MT4 platform, which means I not only am part of the ForexSignal Team, but I am also a customer.

I believe in the ForexSignal method so strongly that I have put my own money where my mouth is, so to speak, and I have invested in our trading method.

In turn, when I encourage my clients to keep going with our trading method, I practice what I preach and I keep my account active as well because I believe in our system and the long term potential of our signals.

It saddens me when I see my clients quit after a tough run of trades, and then the very next wave of trades turn out to be winners, and they have missed out.

I hope this will encourage you to keep going with Forex and, and to never give up!



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