Troubleshooting the MT4 Trade Copier

The MT4 Trade Copier runs well, and usually if there is an error, it is easy to fix with these troubleshooting tricks.

1. Is AutoTrading enabled on your Trade Copier?

Clicking on the AutoTrading button ensures that your Trade Copier will be able to receive trades. Clicking on the AutoTrading button ensures that your Trade Copier will be able to receive trades.

2. Is the error message shown in the Blue Box Dashboard on your chart?

All errors shown in the Blue Box Dashboard are shown here.
All errors shown in the Blue Box Dashboard are shown here.
When dashboard icons turn red it means they indicate something. Please move your mouse over the icons to learn what they indicate. If you want to reset icon color simply double click icon with your left mouse button to select it, click right mouse button to open pop-up menu and choose “Delete”. 1. Broker errorIndicates if there were any errors from the broker. This could be “trade context busy”, “timeouts”, “price re-quotes” errors, etc. Check the “Experts” tab at the bottom of your Metatrader 4 platform to find error log message for more info. This icon will indicate “invalid stops” error as well which is very common if you use small take profit and/or stop loss values as these can disrupt StopLevel Minimum Distance Limitation. 2. Broker server delayIndicates that broker server delay detected. This is very common on some brokers. This will affect copy speed, but this is out of control. EA will synchronize trades 1-2 times every second and is very fast, but the delay may occur from the broker. You can see maximum broker delay detected in the Blue Box dashbord. 3. Trade delaysIndicates if there are any trades being delayed. Trade can be delayed for various reasons like “max trades value reached set by the trader (see MaxTrades)”, “current market price on slave account is too far from the original entry price (see MaxPriceDeviationPips)”, “stop loss is not set on trade and you have chose RiskPercent money management”. 4. Not enough moneyIndicates if any of the trades were not opened because account had not enough money. Trades usually are of different lot sizes and if you have insufficient money in your account some of the trades may not be opened. This usually happens when you have incorrect money management settings or too small account balance. Contact your signal provider to check what minimum account balance and money management settings you should use. 5. Trade ignored for a reasonIndicates if any of the trades were ignored for various reasons. Trades can be ignored if there are no such currency pair on the slave account or you have set incorrect currency pair prefix/sufix if your broker uses one. Trades can be ignored because of the TimeLag or EA is set not to trade certain currency pair. Also trades can be ignored if you have set EA to exclude/filter trades with the certain magic number or “trade comments”. 6. Server disconnectsIndicates if there were disconnects from broker server. Some brokers have unreliable servers and your Metatrader 4 will get disconnected from the broker server. At this moment EA will keep running, but it will not be able to make any trading actions. However disconnect from broker servers usually happens because of the poor internet connection quality on the client computer. It is strongly recommended to use VPS server were you can run MT4 platform with the Client EA software 24/7. 7. EA in trading actionIndicates if EA is currently in a trading action (open/close/modify). When EA sends request to the broker server to open, close, modify or delete order this icon will turn red and stay like this until EA will receive an answer from broker server. During this time EA will not synchronize trades with the master account(s) or do any other actions, “Server read” will not grow either. If your broker process requests fast you will not see this icon turn red, but if it does turn red it means your broker is subject to delays. 7. Settings controlled remotely.Indicates if any of the EA settings are controlled remotely. Only some of the EA settings can be controlled remotely such as “max trades” or “money management”. You should see “!” sign near the setting in the dashboard (blue box) which can be controlled remotely at the moment. Please login to your “Profile” page to see what EA settings are set remotely in the “Client EA settings” table.  

Troubleshooting: I get “Error downloading trade list” message in my Experts log and “Download errors” counter grows (second number in the “Server read”). What does it mean?

Nothing to worry about if you get a few “Error downloading trade list” messages. EA connects to our server every second and if it fails it shows the message like this. Also you can see “Download errors” counter incrementing when EA fails to download trade list. This usually happens if your computer is very loaded or your internet connection is busy, loaded or broken. When trade list is downloaded successfuly “Server read” counter grows. If you get these error messages too often then you should consider closing other programs on your computer to have more free resources available for the EA. Also you should check if your internet connection latency is reasonable.

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