Volatility Returns As Forex Traders Swarm

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volatility ahead

Volatility Ahead!

We firmly believe every trading market has a season of lean and abundant periods of opportunity. However, not since the GFC (Global Financial Crash) have we witnessed such activity and increased trading opportunity as volatility continues to soar in the Forex markets. 

Added volatility opens up lots of possibilities. Speculators and traders are sensing it, and market participation is surging. It is a known fact that in times of high volatility, the options of profit are high, but as a word of caution, so is the RISK! One must always weigh the Risk / Reward scenario under these circumstances. Forex is a risky business nobody can deny that, but the sizable reward side is what attracts traders like honey to bees. Risk appetite is how this translates, in our opinion, and SPECULATORS swarm the honeypot looking for the opportunities as they unfold. 

Unfortunately, many unseasoned traders without exposure to these fluid markets are clouded by the illusion of easy money. The sad news is that, in reality, most of them will be unsuccessful, and yes, many will also be highly successful. The last few years, with the Crypto markets exploding with quick rich schemes and the never-ending bull market in stocks, have attracted new and returning Forex traders in numbers not seen in years. 

What’s Changed – Why The Increase In Volatility? 

It’s all straightforward. Whenever the traditional markets such as stocks or even crypto lose their glitter, all eyes turn to Forex with its evergreen opportunity. The Forex market is active 24hrs daily, five days a week. Traders have a unique mentality and are constantly scanning the horizon for opportunities.  

The last few years’ stock markets’ rise and the surge in bitcoin / crypto attracted hordes of new traders worldwide. A broker famously said it felt like a feeding frenzy at one stage. 

The last few months have ended as traders regroup and decide what’s next. The stock market has been down almost a third from recent highs. Bitcoin, crypto, and some of the altcoins have virtually evaporated.

The Majors Are Paving The Way Forward

 The USD has surged against all primary and secondary currencies. In fact, as of this writing, we see no end anytime soon. Oversold and trend acceleration conditions appear. In a nutshell, this is none other than a great opportunity unfolding.

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