Benefits of Using the Forex MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform

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MetaTrader 4 (MT4)  Benefits = Best

The MetaTrader 4 forex trading platform is considered as one of the best by traders due to the numerous benefits it offer to the users. The platform has virtually everything that a trader will need to trade foreign exchange.

Benefits of using the MT4 platform

Implement your own Forex MetaTrader 4 Strategies

Trading on MT4 platform, you will be able to implement your own forex trading strategies fully whether you are running a simple or complex strategy.

MT4 Forex Analytical Functions

The MT4 trading platform has been designed to handle numerous analytical functions. It makes it possible for traders to execute several indicators and display options. In addition to all these, MT4 responds quickly to price changes of currencies. The platform’s interactive charts displays roughly 9 time periods which enables traders to execute their traders whenever they chose to. It has 23 analytical objects present for traders while it also has 30 technical indicators built-in.

In-built EA and Indicator Marketplace

If you are a trader that is looking to trade using mathematical approach, then you will find this platform very useful for you. There are new forex technical indicators available on the platform which you can use. There are additional indicators and signals that have been put created by third parties which you can also install and use.

You can install or purchase the thousands of indicators and robots available right on the MT4 platform without having to leave the platform or you can use a Forex Signal provider such as which uses EA technology to power their Trade Copier.

Mobile Forex Trading on MT4

You can trader currencies on MT4 trading platform using your smartphones and tablets. The platform has numerous mobile apps that would help you in executing trading strategies while on the move. The app has been designed to have the same functionality as the desktop version, including technical indicators and other graphical objects – although the mobile version is unable to run EAs.

Other advantages of this platform include a user-friendly interface, numerous languages for traders all over the globe, advanced communication tools to help brokers communicate with their traders, and more.

AvaTrade and MT4

AvaTrade is an internationally regulated broker that offer trading services on multiple platforms, with MT4 trading platform one of them. The broker traders more than 50 currency pairs, both major and minor pairs. AvaTrade has a 24-hour multi-lingual support that is available to offer advice to traders. Learn more about AvaTrade.


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