Don’t crash your trading account

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Never trade without a stop loss and appropriate marginThere is nothing like the feeling of the gentle softness of gliding back to earth in a sailplane after being lifted into the sky on rising columns of hot air called “thermals” But the old saying that “what goes up must come down” was never truer when flying a sailplane. Ask any sailplane pilot and they will tell you that when the “conditions” are right we can go up in the air and depend on these very reliable “thermals” to keep us airborne and reach a particular destination.

Similarly, as Forex traders, we can only trade if we have significant thermals, or margin to handle both the “upside and downside” of the movement of price.

Don’t crash your Forex account.

To prevent us from crashing our Forex trading account, it is essential not to over-leverage your trading account and to trade a position that is reasonable for your account balance. Generally we recommend trading a lot size of 0.1 for every $5000 ($1 a pip) and being sure to set a reasonable Stop Loss for every trade.

Our Forex Signals include a predetermined Stop Loss with every trade with the goal of protecting your trading account from large losses. As the trade progresses we often will update the trade with a tighter Stop Loss to further decrease the risk. Our expert Trading Team has many years of risk management and our goal is that the winning trades make more pips than what is lost on the losing trades. We only send signals for trades which we believe have the greatest chance of a positive risk/reward.



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